Climate change is a fact. Even if we were to restrict our emissions, our future climate will still be warmer, wetter and more unpredictable - and that future is not all that remote. We are already seeing changes, and the generation born today may experience a rapid climate change with substantial needs for adaptation.

Climatools research programme is run by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The research programme began in 2007 and will run up to 2011. Climatools is run in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology, Umeå University and the National Institute of Economic Research and consists of a number of projects that, in turn, leads to eight different tools that will assist decision makers mainly at the local and regional levels in adapting our society to the consequences of climate change. The focus of the programme is principally on areas such as health, habitation and infrastructure as well as tourism and outdoor life.

The tools are developed in close interaction with stakeholders, mainly officers in municipalities, and cover aspects such as ethics, economics and medicine with focus on handling uncertainties by using scenarios. They can be used in on-going planning processes such as comprehensive and detailed planning and risk and vulnerability assessments. At present (January 2011) the plan is to finalize the testing of all tools in spring 2011 and there are already manuals for three tools that can be downloaded from the Swedish version of Climatools homepage. Several of the tools addresses problems that occur during heat waves as Sweden have little capacity to handle such events presently. A final seminar will be held by the program early in 2012 where the tools and a toolbox will be presented.



Annika Carlsson-Kanyama

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