HYPERION is a research project which aims at developing a forensic analysis system for areas where explosions have occured. By detecting explosives and IED residues and acquiring 3D images of the scene the aim is to recapture what happened during the explosion and calculate where it took place. The work is carried out by twelve project partners and is coordinated by FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency. HYPERION is funded by the European Seventh Framework Programme.

A novel system concept for stand-off forensic analysis of post-blast areas

Norge bomb

The goal of the HYPERION project is to develop and test a system concept for the forensic tools and procedures of tomorrow. The project aims at on-site technology using stand-off detection of bomb residues with a selective and reliable forensic data output which can instantaneously be transferred to the police .

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FOCUS: End User Friendliness

Norge bomb

One of the other main goals of HYPERION is to separate technology and use. Although the concept is highly technical, the user should not to any larger extent be bothered by technique. HYPERION offers a system concept that allows anyone to operate the complex equipment with little training and provides easy-to-interpret results.

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Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) - A threat to modern society


The first large-scale use of IEDs was probably during World War II and ever since IEDs have been used both as an unconventional warfare in military theatres of operation such as in Iraq and Afghanistan and in terrorist attacks such as the Bali (2002), Madrid (2004) or London bombings (2005).

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FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency 
Department of Energetic Materials
Grindsjön Research Centre
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Website: http://www.hyperion-fp7.eu