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Radioactive substances

Radioactive substances comprise an area of research and method development in which FOI works to establish a scientific basis for assessments as to whether, in a given situation, radioactive substances can constitute a danger to people and, if so, what measures should be taken. Also covered is the development of radiological and nuclear (RN) forensic methods of working and analysis. The aim is to contribute to society’s ability to prepare itself for, and to manage, radiological incidents. The major customers in this field are the Swedish Armed Forces and other Swedish authorities but FOI also works with small and medium-sized businesses as well as with sister organisations and authorities in other countries. We also play an active part in Sweden’s national radiation protection emergency preparedness.

Threat and risk assessment for radioactive substances

FOI carries out threat and risk assessments for radioactive substances and ionising radiation from an overall perspective, primarily in the context of accidents and deliberate dissemination.

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Measurement of radioactive substances

FOI possesses competence in the measurement, identification and analysis of radioactive and nuclear substances. We develop and adapt methods to ensure that they match the needs of the Swedish Armed Forces and other authorities.

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Radiation protection

FOI’s research in the field of radiation protection has two tracks. One track concerns the development of methods for the quantifying of radiation doses from external contamination, inhalation or ingestion of radioactive substances via food and drink, together with the development and evaluation of countermeasures. The other track focuses on the development of methods for the measurement of nuclide-specific radiation doses from, for example, radioactive fallout and exposed radiation sources.

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