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International Economic Development

Studies on international economic developments and on defence allocations have been pursued at FOI since the 1970s. An important part of these studies has also included the creation of various databases, with lots of statistical information on such developments. The results of these studies have usually been printed as memos or reports, and occasionally circulated as CDs.

During the coming years, more data will gradually be published. Data published by international organisations – like the IMF, OECD, UN and others – and by national institutions – like Ministries of Finance, Central Banks, Statistical Agencies – have been monitored and inserted and processed in various databases. When the IMF therefore released data published in its World Economic Outlook (“WEO”) reports on the internet for free downloading, these data were first used in a couple of printed reports, to be followed by the creation of this site. 

To start with, an analysis is made of macro-economic developments in four African countries: the Central African Republic, Chad, Kenya and Sudan. More such analyses are forthcoming.

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