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  1. March 2011
    Patchwork for Peace. Regional Capabilities for Peace and Security in Eastern Africa
  2. December 2010
    Minor Conflict, Major Consequences? Facing an Unresolved Identity Crisis in Côte d'Ivoire
  3. December 2010
    ECOWAS Capabilities in Peace and Security. A Scoping Study of Progress and Challenges.
  4. February 2012
    Lord's Resistance Army i Centralafrika: Gränsöverskridande lösningar på ett regionalt problem
  5. July 2011
    Wrong Hands on Deck? Combating Piracy and Building Maritime Security in Eastern Africa.
  6. May 2009
    Breaking the Mould in Zimbabwe: Pragmatic Engagement at a Critical Juncture
  7. March 2009
    Clouds at the Horizon? Security Challenges in South Africa's Post-transition Period.
  8. March 2009
    The Joint Africa-EU Strategy. A Study of the Peace and Security Partnership.
  9. September 2011
    ECCAS Capabilities in Peace and Security. A Scoping Study on Progress and Challenges.
  10. February 2008
    Afrikanska utmaningar. Perspektiv på FN:s, EU:s och AU:s säkerhetspolitiska arbete
  11. July 2008
    Beyond Francafrique. The Foundation, Reorientation and Reorganisation of France's Africa Politics
  12. November 2008
    State Failure on the High Seas - Reviewing the Somali Piracy.
  13. June 2009
    Abandoning Frontline Trenches? Capabilities for Peace and Security in the SADC Region.
  14. August 2008
    The African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS)
  15. September 2008
    The African Union Mission in Burundi. Lessons Learned from the African Union's First Peace Operation.
  16. November 2008
    UN-EU-AU Coordination in Peace Operations in Africa
  17. December 2007
    The Mano River Basin Area: Formal and Informal Security Providers in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone
  18. July 2011
    Perils Accompanying the Moment of Promise
  19. September 2008
    The African Union's Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Exemplifying African Union Peacekeeping Challenges.
  20. June 2012
    Sahel, en säkerhetspolitisk mosaik
  21. April 2012
    Graphic of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA)
  22. June 2012
    Land i sikte? EU:s samlade ansats gentemot Somalia
  23. August 2012
    The EU Comprehensive Approach towards Somalia
  24. September 2012
    Ett gyllene tillfälle? Den politiska utvecklingen i Somalia
  25. September 2012
    Grannosämja - konflikten mellan Sudan och Sydsudan
  26. September 2012
    AQMI - en aktörsanalys
  27. October 2012
    Willing and Able? Challenges to Security Sector Reform in Weak Post-war States - Insights from the Central African Republic
  28. October 2012
    Fred och säkerhet i Mali - vägen framåt
  29. December 2012
    Ur askan i elden. Förutsättningar för militär intervention i norra Mali
  30. November 2012
    Afrika och militär intervention - en folkrättslig analys av Afrikanska unionens och afrikanska regionala organisationers interventionsprinciper
  31. December 2012
    Säkerhetsutvecklingen i Afrika söder om Sahara i ett 10-årsperspektiv
  32. December 2012
    When Still Waters Fizz. The Security Implications of the fall of the "Republican Monarchy" in Egypt
  33. December 2012
    Mellanöstern och Nordafrika i ett 10-20-årsperspektiv. Stöd till långsiktig säkerhetspolitisk omvärldsanalys.
  34. December 2012
    European Union Training Mission Somalia - en insatsanalys
  35. January 2013
    Dealing with Change. EU and AU Responses to the Uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya
  36. February 2013
    AMISOM - en modell för insats i Mali?
  37. March 2013
    AMISOM - A Model for a Peace Operation in Mali?
  38. May 2013
    The African Union in Light of the Arab Revolts (focus: South Africa; Ethiopia; Algeria)
  39. May 2013
    Nigeria and the African Union in the Light of the Arab Revolts
  40. June 2013
    Framgångsfaktorer för AMISOM i Somalia
  41. June 2013
    The Role of the African Union Mission in Somalia
  42. November 2013
    Sveriges militära bidrag till Operation Atalanta 2013. En insatsanalys av ME03
  43. November 2013
    Centralafrikanska republiken: krisen och behovet av insatser
  44. November 2013
    EUCAP NESTOR - Trying to Steer Out of the Doldrums
  45. November 2013
    Sjöröveri på Afrikas västkust
  46. December 2013
    External Intervention in Somalia's Civil War. Security Promotion and National Interests?
  47. December 2013
    En ny politisk modell för Mali
  48. December 2013
    MONUSCO:s interventionsbrigad - FN i krig i DRK?
  49. December 2013
    Paradigm Lost? The Joint Africa-EU Strategy: A Study of the Peace and Security Partnership
  50. December 2013
    The United Nations at War in the DRC? Legal Aspects of the Intervention Brigade

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