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A core group of regional as well as thematic experts work with the Asia and Middle Eastern Security Studies programme. The programme also consults expertise from other FOI divisions.

, Project manager
Adriana has a PhD in International Relations from Columbia University. Her dissertation analyses what determines dissident organizations' choice between violent (terrorism and guerilla warfare) or nonviolent tactics in the Middle East and Africa. Prior to joining FOI, Adriana worked as a Research Analyst at the Brookings Institution, where she worked on issues related to international security policy, primarily post-war reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan following the American invasions. Her Masters in International Security Policy and Bachelors of International Relations degrees are also from Columbia. Her research centers on regional security development in the Middle East, especially as it pertains to rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the role of sectarianism. She also studies non-state armed groups.

John Rydqvist is a specialist in WMD strategy and Asian security. His research includes the dynamics of the strategic balance in East Asia and the Pacific theatre, strategic weapons modernization and force transformation in key regional and global powers.

, Analyst
Samuel focuses on South Asia and Saudi Arabia. He has degrees in Middle East and North Africa Studies, History and Development Studies.

, PhD, Researcher
Mikael Eriksson obtained his PhD in Political Science as the European University Institute, Italy. His field of interest includes conflict resolution, critical security studies and peace building. His field of speciality is the use of EU and UN targeted sanctions. Recently he published on mediation processes and their impact on post-war reconstruction. His geographical scope interest includes the Arab world and security policies in the Middle East and parts of Africa. He has several years of experience on policy evaluation. At FOI he is project leader of the FOI sanctions platform.

, Deputy Research Director
Niklas has many years’ experience of security-policy analysis including Nordic security policy, international crisis-management and peace-support operations, conventional arms control, naval and maritime strategic developments, gaming and scenario development.  Within the Asian Security studies programme, he is currently focusing on naval and maritime developments in the far east.

, Analyst
Jerker is a specialist in East Asian security, with a focus on China. His research includes Chinese foreign, security and defence policy; EU-China relations; Sino-Indian relations; and China's role in Africa. Jerker has studied and worked in China for several years, most recently as a correspondent at Reuters Shanghai bureau.

, Analyst
Erika holds a Master of Arts degree in Persian and Middle East Studies from Uppsala University. Her studies are mainly focused on Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia.

, Analyst
Kaan primarily studies East Asian security, with a particular focus on China and the Korean peninsula. He also covers developments in Turkey and its role in its region. His research includes defence policy and reform, military strategy, and strategic weapons modernization. Kaan holds a Master of Arts in War Studies from King’s College London.

, Deputy Research Director
Fredrik has a MPhil from Uppsala University. Fredrik works as deputy research director and project manager at FOI. His main subjects are NATO issues, United States defence policy, military strategy and intelligence questions. Fredrik also holds a reserve commission as a Major in the Swedish Air Force.”

, Analyst
Magnus Normark is a specialist in non- and counter proliferation and disarmament. His research includes threat assessment of Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

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