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The following experts with different backgrounds and areas of expertise are involved in the Russia project (RUFS) during 2013. Most of the participants speak Russian:

Programme Manager, PhD
Carolina covers Russian domestic policy and security policy decision-making, as well as Russian military reform, the security services and Russia’s relations with the EU.

, Associate Professor, Deputy Programme Manager
Gudrun covers Russian security policy and foreign policy, as well as Russian strategic military thought, and military reform.

, Senior Researcher, MA in Economics, European Studies, Political Science, Economic History, Eastern European Studies and Comparative Religion.
Bengt-Göran works with countries’ economic development and defence expenditures.

, Researcher.
Märta has a Master’s degree in Political Science with a focus on Russia. She follows developments in the Russian Armed Forces.

, Deputy Research Director, MA
Jakob is a Slavist and political scientist. He covers Russian foreign policy, the North Caucasus and the countries in the CIS area.

Researcher, MSc in Political Science and BSc in Economics.
Tomas follows developments in the Russian defence industry and Russian energy policies and also works on energy security and economic development in the Baltic region as well as Nordic defence cooperation.

, Senior Researcher, MSc in Business Administration and Russian.
Johan follows developments in the Russian Armed Forces, international operations of the Swedish Armed Forces and African security.

, Deputy Research Director, PhD
Susanne took her PhD in Economics at Stockholm University in 1991. She has worked with public sector reform in Russia and other East European countries for the last 15 years. Susanne’s current research centres on developments in the Russian economy and the defence economy sector.

, Deputy Research Director, Master of Engineering in Chemistry/Biotechnology and political scientist.
Roger is an expert on non-proliferation issues, particularly the Russian biological weapons programme/bio protection work, as well as Russian research and development in biotechnology. He also covers terrorism and environmental safety issues.

, Deputy Research Director, BA in both Law and Political Science.
Fredrik is currently writing a PhD thesis on modern Russian civil–military relations at the Åbo Akademi University in Finland. He focuses on Russian security policy and military strategy as well as nuclear weapons and is also one of the experts on the Armed Forces and the defence industry.

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