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Sensor informatics

In the area of sensor informatics we are engaged in applied research concerned primarily with defence and security applications. The aim is often to increase situation awareness/understanding for users of military or civil reconnaissance, warning or surveillance systems.

The research entails automatic high-level analysis of data from both individual sensors and multi-sensor systems and sensor networks involving above-surface sensors. Sensors that we focus on include various types of radar, optical or acoustic sensors.

The work entails new methods and technical systems for:

  • automatic image recording and sensor/image calibration
  • automatic feature extraction and classification of unknown objects and their properties based on sensor data
  • automatic detection, positioning and tracking of persons, vehicles and other mobile objects based on sensor data
  • automatic analysis of behaviour or activities of persons, vehicles and other objects based on sensor data
  • automatic fusion of information about objects and their activities/behaviour from different sensors
  • automatic control of sensors for the optimal gathering of sensor data
  • handling and analysis of geographical information with the focus on 3D environment models
  • modelling and simulation of multi-sensor systems.

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