Opening sessions


The symposium opening ceremony starts with music performed by the Treitler Quartet Treitler Quartet
Opening remarks by Mrs. Margot Wallström, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden  Margot Wallström


Investigating Chemical Weapons Use in Syria and its Aftermath: The view from the United Nations 

Ms. Angela Kane
Former United Nation High representative for Disarmament Affairs

An overview on development, current challenges and future options for the biological and toxin weapons convention 

Dr. John R. Walker
Head, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK, Arms Control and Disarmament Research Unit

INTERPOL´s model for CBRNE Terrorism Prevention 

Mr. Alan King
Head of Radiological Nuclear Terrorism Prevention Unit, INTERPOL

12th International Symposium on Protection against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents, June 8-10 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

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