The following sessions will be covered during the Symposium:

Emerging threats and risks
• Threat and risk assessments
• State and non-state actors with CBW ambitions
• CBRN modeling and simulation
• Science and security

CBRN crisis management at national and international levels
• Foresight and warning
• First response in CBRN incidents
• Civilian-military cooperation
• Training and exercises in CBRN environments

Detection, identification and monitoring of chemical and biological agents
• Detection technology and systems
• Identification and forensics of biological agents and toxins
• Analysis and forensics of chemical agents

Medical Management
• Triage and early diagnostics
• Medical countermeasures
• Novel targets for treatments
• Emerging infections
• Long-term health impact of CBRN exposure

Physical protection
• Body protection
• Filter protection
• Decontamination
• Emerging materials

Disarmament and non-proliferation
• Non-proliferation
• Disarmament
• Threat reduction
• Chemical and biological security

Commercial developing technologies


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