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Safety laboratory

The safety laboratory analyses and takes care of explosive, extremely toxic, infectious and radioactive matters.

CBRNE - Forensic Analytical Science Center

In case of threats or perilous incidents in society involving parcels, letters, containers or other similar objects it can many times be difficult or impossible to identify the content unambiguously in a timely manner. If there is a suspicion that an object might contain extremely toxic, infectious, radioactive substances and/or explosives (CBRNE) there is a need for well prepared routines and strategies which can be described as a chain of events.

A preliminary identification of hazardous matter can be carried out in the field, using detection instruments, but it normally has to be followed by sampling and transportation of samples to an analysis laboratory for unambiguous identification. If there is a suspicion that there might be explosives specially trained bomb technicians must either disarm in the field or transport the object to a safe place before sampling.

FOI’s new concept CBRNE* safety laboratory includes two reception units – one in Grindsjön near Stockholm and one in Umeå in north Sweden. Grindsjön can receive samples that are suspected to contain a combination of CBRN substances and explosives. After disarming the samples are then sent to Umeå for characterization of the content. Further CBRN or E analyses are carried out at the centre or at other specialized laboratories.

* CBRNE is a designation for chemical (C), bacteriological (B), radiological (R), nuclear (N) and explosive (E) weapons.

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