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FOI presents tools for adaptation to climate change

The Climatools project now has fully developed tools for adaptation to climate change and these are presented on the website www.climatools.se. A seminar presenting all the project results, is held in Stockholm on 26 January.

Climatools is a research programme focused on the development of a set of tools that will assist social planners and decision makers in the work of adapting society to the consequences of climate change. The tools are designed in different ways so that each of them can assist local authorities and county councils in planning the work of adapting to climate change in the best possible way.

- Climate change is a fact. Even if we limit our emissions, we are going to have to contend in future with a climate that is warmer and wilder. We are already seeing changes and the generation being born today may live to experience the greatest changes in climate in Sweden’s history, says project manager and programme director Annika Carlsson-Kanyama

Some of the tools have been produced by the research team themselves for subsequent testing and revision following contact with municipalities and county administrative boards, while others have been developed in conjunction with the intended users right from the start. Some testing will, however, continue through the autumn and the final versions of the tools are therefore due to be confirmed in December.

- Testing one’s ideas in the real world clearly gives one a boost, just as working with those who will be using the tools does. It entails new challenges where communication and the accumulation of knowledge are concerned and it reminds us of the need for humility in our role as scientists, says Annika Carlsson-Kanyama.

The Climatools research programme, which began in autumn 2006 and is due to run throughout 2011 with a final seminar on 26 January 2012, has a budget of SEK 25 million. Climatools is run in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Umeå University and the National Institute of Economic Research. According to the UN’s Climate Convention, the various national authorities must take steps to adapt to the consequences of climate change. Climatools is run by FOI on assignment from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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