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FOI’s new models lead the way in the UN’s environmental work

Since 2006 FOI has been working on the environmental adaptation of the UN’s peacekeeping missions and on increasing awareness of the importance of environmental considerations both as a cause of conflict and as a factor in achieving a successful mission. Among other things, FOI has contributed to a report on this topic.

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The report contains an analysis of how peacekeeping missions around the world affect, and are affected by, the environment with special emphasis on the handling of natural resources.

The report, “Greening the Blue Helmets: Environment, Natural Resources and UN Peacekeeping Operations” is the third of a series of four. FOI’s contribution concerns reducing the environmental footprint of a peacekeeping operation and suggests a number of practical tools. The report can be downloaded free of charge by following the link on the right.

“Our task is important and it feels good to be able to contribute knowledge and products that have come to be recognised as a unique and valued Swedish niche,” says Birgitta Lijedahl, project manager and senior analyst at FOI.

FOI is working on research projects and assignments in the field of the environment, health, natural resources, conflicts and peace promotion. In addition, FOI’s scientists are engaged in further research on the validation, further development and facilitation of the suggested tools and models in UN operations in the field.

The UN report emphasises the quantifiable usefulness of reducing the environmental impact of the UN’s peacekeeping missions. It shows that the environmental adaptation of the missions yields a number of different benefits such as financial savings and improved health and security both for the local communities and for the UN’s own peacekeeping personnel.

Friday 21 September is the International Day of Peace which is celebrated all round the world. Among other things, the Day of Peace makes the point that a sustainable peace cannot be achieved without, at the same time, sustainable development which includes both economic, social and environmental dimensions.

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