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CBRN Defence and Security

Knowledge of hazardous chemicals, radioactive radiation, biological sources of infection, extreme physical loading or dangerous violence is highly relevant to the performance of our defence forces and to the civil community.

FOI’s CBRN Defence and Security Division houses many of the country’s leading experts on chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) incidents.

FOI is  every day accumulating new knowledge relating to the emission and spreading of chemicals, to ionising radiation and to radioactive materials. Dissemination may occur in air, to the ground or in water. Important areas of work include environmental  issues, radiation protection and chemical hazards.

The division has a broad underpinning base of interdisciplinary competence in such fields as analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, microbiology and geology. The analytical laboratory is part of an international network consisting of the world’s leading laboratories, giving us access to a unique spectrum of expertise. We regularly provide support for our customers also in the field of threat and risk assessment.

The Swedish Armed Forces frequently use  our knowledge of environmental medicine, for example in the provision of expert support in international operations. On a number of occasions the UN has consulted FOI in the context of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

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