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Presentations from Events

Presentations from
Workshop on Security Research December 1st, 2009

Program and presentations (pdf)

09.00 Opening
Hans Frennberg, FOI.pdf
09.45 Swedish strategic research initiatives
Eric Stern, Uppsala University.pdf
Security Link
Fredrik Gustafsson, Linköping University.pdf
Hans Frennberg, FOI
Forum Securitatis
Martin Holmberg, FOI
10.30 Swedish national security research programme 2007
Progress report on BANDIT - Passive videorate THz imaging: recent field test results, and prospects for the future
Arttu Luukanen, VTT
Radar Eyes - A High Resolution Radar with Object Classification Capabilities for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Mikael karlsson, FOI, Mikael Hämäläinen, Saab
EVENT a drinking water surveillance project
Mats Eriksson, Linköping University.pdf
11.30 Lunch and Posters
12.30 EU security research in Sweden
LOTUS - An European project for localization of threats
Sara Wallin, FOI.pdf
IMSK – Integrated Mobile Security Kit, for more secure events
Karl Ekvall, Saab.pdf
BeSeCu - Human behaviour in crisis situations
Lena Kecklund, MTOP.pdf
Intelligent video surveillance
Jörgen Ahlberg, FOI.pdf
13.50 Poster session - Coffee
14.50 Future Focus and strategy for Swedish Security Research
Swedish Defence and Security Industry
Marinette Radebo
Panel discussion -
Moderator Lars Jernbäcker, Saab. pdf

Swedish – US collaboration initiatives
Lars Sandström, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.pdf

MSB perspective
Svante Ödman, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.pdf

Swedish Armed Forces HQ perspective
Christer Ramstedt, Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters
Vinnova perspective
Herbert Sander, Vinnova
Industrial perspective
Peter Lundberg, Swedish Security & Defence Industry Association
Future European Security Research
Johan Lindberg, Vinnova.pdf
16.30 Closing


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