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Instruction in geographical security questions

- FOI contributed through well prepared, informative and useful lectures during the Battlegroup’s training phase addressing African security problems. The instruction given by FOI’s experts gave us a better understanding of the situation in Africa, says Brigadier General Stefan Andersson, Force Commander, Nordic Battlegroup 2011.

FOI’s experts instruct Battlegroup personnel in security questions

Wherever in the world there may arise conflicts or natural disasters, it must be possible to deploy a rapid reaction force like the Nordic Battlegroup. In addition to Swedish soldiers, the Nordic Battle group includes personnel from Norway, Estonia, Finland and Ireland.


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The Nordic Battlegroup must be capable of dealing with a variety of missions. One of the main difficulties in a conflict zone is that civilian parts of the population often remain in the area. So the Nordic Battlegroup must be able to handle everything from combating and preventing violence to providing support for humanitarian activities. 

The Nordic Battlegroup is composed of different units which are brought together as necessary to provide a force which is adapted to the nature of a particular mission. This means that it is very important that the Nordic Battlegroup has a broad spectrum of complementary competence. FOI’s experts instructed a

hundred officers of the Nordic Battlegroup in African

security problems.