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FOI in social media

You can follow FOI in social media. Right now we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

You can follow FOI in social media. We are currently on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Most of the information that is published on Facebook and LinkedIn is linked to information that is available on FOI’s website. Exceptions to this are the short introductory texts that link to articles on FOI’s website, and FOI’ comments on users’ posts. On Twitter, you can also find numerous tips about newly-published reports, links to news media that our researchers participate in and even occasional live tweets from seminars that FOI is attending.


Twitter: @FOIresearchexternal link


Facebook: @FOIforskningexternal link


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FOI is a government authority. This means that posts and comments published on our social media become public documents.


When do we remove information from social media?


FOI reserves the right to remove its own and others’ comments and posts from its social media on an on-going basis. Comments that are considered to require further attention are registered in FOI’s Diary.


Comments that are of a personal and derogatory nature, are in conflict with Swedish law, or are unrelated to the post in question, will be removed. FOI maintains a cordial tone in all its conversations and prohibits:

  • the creation or dissemination of comments that are either offensive or defamatory
  • all marketing activity, whether for oneself or the commercial interests of others
  • the spread of spam, or other posts that are unrelated to the topic under discussion
  • the issuing of threats or harassment
  • the use of a false identity
  • any encouragement of criminal activity, whether directly, or by forwarding such encouragement that originates elsewhere
  • creating or spreading comments that express discrimination, or that identify someone on the basis of race, skin colour, sex, gender, belonging to an ethnic group, or sexual orientation
  • distribution of pornographic material and unlawful depictions of violence.


The authority will not provide notice when a comment, or post, has been removed from the medium, or registered in its Diary. This applies to all of FOI’s digital channels.


Most of the information that FOI publishes on Facebook is also available on its website. Exceptions include brief introductory material that link to articles on FOI’s website and FOI’s comments on user posts.