Management and board

FOI is led by a Board of Directors with full responsibility. Jan-Olof Lind is Director-General of FOI and runs the institute according to the directives and policies provided by the Board of Directors and has authority of decision in issues not comprised by the authority of decision of the Board. Anna-Lena Österborg is Deputy Director-General. The institute´s Executive Management comprises the Director-General and the Deputy Director-General.


The members of FOI's Board of Directors are assigned by decision of the Swedish Government. The constitution of the Board of Directors of FOI is as follows:




Yvonne Gustafsson

Chairman of the board Swedish National Debt Office and board member Swedish Fiscal Policy Council





Deputy Chairman



 Eva Lindencrona

 Director, Vinnova





Board of Directors 



Jan-Olof Lind

Director General, FOI


Hans Hentzell

CEO, Swedish ICT Research


Mats Leijon

Professor, Uppsala University


Helena Thunander Holmstedt

Finance Director, Swedish Armed Forces






Employee representatives



Mattias Liefvendahl

 Saco-S trade union


Eva Larsson

 OFR/ST trade union