Research Support and Administration

The Research Support Administration Division has a presence at all the agency’s operating sites.The Research Support and Administration Division brings together the formation and development of the agency’s research strategy, coordinates international cooperative activities, supports business development and commercialisation as well as running and developing the administrative and technical support functions for the whole of the agency.


Research Support and Administration is also responsible for the provision of legal support within the agency and for the development and coordination of the agency’s communications, both internal and external, as well as providing central management and the research divisions with support where aspects of communications are concerned.


Other important areas of activity include human resources, the administration of salaries, pay and travel, the production of reports, purchasing and the management of agency and departmental finances. This includes management and coordination of budgetary work and the provision of financial feedback. The work and responsibilities of the division also cover libraries, reproduction, IT and telephone services as well as security matters and risk assessments associated with FOI’s activities.


The division is also responsible for site services including reception facilities, workshops and construction work.