Customers & Partners

Both large and small customers

Our largest customer is the Armed Forces. However, we also cooperate with both large and small companies, government authorities and other stakeholders located in Sweden and other countries. Our clients from the defence sector place very high demands on advanced research, which also benefits our other customers. In 2015, FOI’s activities were 81 percent financed by assignments. These assignments come from clients who have decided to rely on FOI's research and expertise.


Independent with a broad range of knowledge

We have extensive experience in dealing with highly confidential information. Our customers also appreciate that FOI is an independent authority in relation to industry, the Armed Forces and other stakeholders. Our broad range of knowledge and independence makes us a reliable cooperation partner.


At present, we cooperate with customers and partners located in Sweden and internationally. We also have an extensive network of colleges, universities and research institutes around the world.


We provide training

FOI also provides courses and training on such topics as nanotechnology, IT security and electronic security.