Detect threats to nuclear power stations

- FOI listened to what we wanted and then devised a project that matched our requirements, and they did it very well. They pass with distinction for the entire performance, and it is greatly reassuring to have available the kind of expertise and resources that FOI can bring together in a project, says Per Olof Lindberg, Senior adviser for nuclear safety at SKB.




Nuclear powerplant

SKB, the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company, needed a model and analysis of its security needs in order to clarify the overall requirements for a new surveillance system.


FOI was assigned the task of applying our expertise in sensor technology and information technology to the analysis and modelling of a surveillance system designed to detect potential threats. The task included studying the operators’ work environment and making proposals for a reliable and adaptable system.


Specialist knowledge for decision support

SKB were seeking new and cost-effective systems to monitor and protect their installations. The project was given the name STAR, and the aim was to produce a fundamental description of a surveillance system with a central security management facility. From SKB’s side it was important to have decision support documentation that was independent of suppliers in order to provide SKP with the specialist knowledge it needed for the procurement and evaluation of its surveillance system.


Analysis of needs and requirements

The threats that the surveillance system has to protect against span the whole spectrum from major attacks to theft, vandalism and sabotage. With SKB’s fundamental needs as our starting point, we analysed various types of situation, both single events and cases in which a number of incidents occurred at the same time. From our conclusions we were able to create a system capable of handling normal surveillance, incidents which could develop into threats, and false alarms.


Civil broadening

FOI intend to broaden and develop activities in the area of command and control systems. FOI's particular competence in what were originally military systems also has civil applications. In the field of haulage, for example, the value of goods stolen when in transit on our roads today runs into many millions. Cash storage depots and football match venues are also of interest in the context of improved surveillance systems.