Happy Citizens in a Sustainable Society

For our well-being in modern society we depend on a number of functions that we often take for granted; supply of food, water, energy, access to tele communication, Internet, global positioning systems, “the Cloud” – servers that manage more and more of banking, information storage, and community services, and so on. If the buildings that host part of this critical infrastructure are exposed to the actions of saboteurs, thieves and terrorists, this will eventually jeopardize the sustainability of our community. Our mission in P5 is to develop new privacy preserving surveillance techniques for the physical protection of these critical buildings.

P5, The Privacy Preserving Perimeter Protection Project, is a European and FP7 funded project for the protection of critical infrastructures to benefit the sustainability of society and future well-being of the European Citizens. Our vision is an intelligent perimeter proactive surveillance system that works robustly under a wide range of weather and lighting conditions. The system will monitor the region outside the security area of critical buildings and infrastructures, and give an early warning if terrestrial or airborne threats are approaching. The envisioned system will support, rather than replace, a human operator. A low false alarm rate from animals or other innocuous events, combined with high threat detection sensitivity and privacy standards, are central ambitions of the project.

In P5 we aim for new knowledge, useful results and competitive techniques. We strieve to publish our research in scientific journals and proceedings. We are also concerned with how new potent and potentially privacy invasive surveillance techniques can be mis-used and welcome the public discussion on how to find an acceptable balance between security and privacy, and how we design the future surveillance systems with built-in privacy preserving features.