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AVAL™ is short for Assessment of Vulnerability And Lethality and is a tri service model (Land, Air, Sea). AVAL is a non-classified product, but is regarded as defence materiel which means that it is subjected to export regulations.

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Aval development was initiated 1994 by FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, in association with FOI, BAE Systems and Dynamec Research. Since March 1st 2007 Aval is managed by FOI.


The Aval product is commercially available according to conditions in the Aval Licence Agreement. Purchasing Aval from outside of Sweden is subjected to an export license from Swedish government authorities.


Aval shall enable that vulnerability/lethality decision-making is based on results from good methodology, computer model and data.

The methodology, tools and data shall be available and support communication in an international environment where research, development, testing, procurement, use and modification of the defence system is conducted.

Aval shall manage all phenomena involved in lethality and vulnerability.


Aval is used in all phases of the defence materiel lifecycle whenever requirements are set, decisions are taken and verification or comparisons are made.

Scopes of use:

  • To produce vulnerability/lethality data for use in simulations of combat.
  • To verify system requirements on lethality and/or vulnerability.
  • To assess lethality and/or vulnerability when comparing different systems.
  • To show the impact on overall lethality or vulnerability from changes in sub systems.

The commercial product Aval consists of:

  • Aval executable code.
  • AVALCAD program extension to AutoCAD.
  • Manuals.
  • Sample descriptions to illustrate data formats.
  • 1 year distance support on program functions.
  • Hard lock device (for USB port).
  • Membership in the Aval User Group according to User Group regulations.

The best description of the software capabilities is found in the users' manuals:

The procedure of obtaining AVAL is different for Swedish and non-Swedish customers, since AVAL is classified as military equipment.

Swedish customers

  • You send an offer inquiry to FOI.
  • FOI sends you an offer, including the licence agreement.
  • You order AVAL.
  • FOI delivers AVAL.

Non-Swedish customers

  • You send an offer inquiry to FOI.
  • FOI contacts ISP (Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products) External link, opens in new window. to get a permission to send an offer. This procedure takes about one month. (A list of embargoes can be found on the ISP website, see related links.)
  • If allowed by ISP, FOI sends an offer including the licence agreement.
  • You order AVAL.
  • FOI applies for an export license from ISP.
  • If the export license is granted, FOI delivers AVAL.