The Swedish Armed Forces and Civil-Military Cooperation – Areas of Studies


  • Anna Forsström
  • Jan Frelin
  • Maria Lagerström

Publish date: 2012-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--3539--SE

Pages: 34

Written in: Swedish


  • the Swedish Armed Forces
  • civil-military cooperation
  • defense planning
  • command and control
  • Comprehensive Approach


The Swedish Armed Forces are aiming to improve their capability in civil-military cooperation. The aim of this study is to highlight the most important aspects of civil-military cooperation and to identify challenges and opportunities regarding civil-military cooperation today. This includes a presentation of concepts, legislation and a discussion on what is an effective system for civil-military cooperation. The report presents a number of areas of studies that can contribute to the improvement of the Swedish Armed Forces cooperation with civil and military actors in crisis management and international operations. These are: * Evaluation of existing cooperation structures * The role of the Swedish Armed Forces in legislation * The role of the Swedish Armed Forces in a national and international context * Theory of cooperation * A comparative study of J9 and equivalent functions in other countries * Roles and responsibilities in the HQ * Command and control in cooperation * Defense planning today - prerequisites and challenges * Private-public cooperation in defense planning * International support to the Swedish Armed Forces * How can the Swedish Armed Forces develop their ability to cooperate?