The 26th Annual International Conference on Economics and Security (ICES2023) will be co-hosted by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). The conference will be held at SIPRI, Stockholm, Sweden.

The conference aims to provide an opportunity for economists, political scientists and others from around the world to share ideas and discuss future developments in the following areas:

• Regional security
• Economics of security
• Corruption and military spending
• Globalisation and the restructuring of the MIC
• Militarism and development
• Security sector reform
• Economics of conflict and war

• Conflict and migration
• Post-conflict reconstruction
• Economics of the arms trade
• Procurement and offsets
• Arms races and alliances
• Peace economics and peace science
• Conversion and demilitarisation
• Economics of terrorism

Offers of papers on related topics are also welcome.

The conference will take place with ‘in person’ sessions only.

Graduate students in economics or a related field have the opportunity to present a paper to The Michael D. Intriligator Memorial Student Fund. The fund will cover the travel expenses and registration fees to the conference to the graduate student that presents the best paper.

Abstracts, up to 300 words, should be submitted to the organisers by the 14th April 2023 to be considered for the conference. Details of the conference will be available soon.

Conference organizers can be contacted: ; ;