Swedish Defence Research Agency


Defence Developement

Method and decision support in the form of studies, analyses and direct support in such areas as military strategy and strategic change, capability develop­ment, evaluation of units and systems, support for exercises and resource effectiveness.

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Our methods

Gaming methodology

For more than 60 years FOI has supported the Swedish Armed Forces in their gaming activities within the areas of analysis, studies and planning. Today we provide support with game- expertise to many additional organisations such as for example the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

The word "game" at FOI does not stand for "game theory" but rather "game" and "wargame". At FOI games and wargames are used primarily as a method for analysing problems involving several overlapping areas of expertise where actions and effects in one area affects the other areas and vice versa. The games are usually run as target-oriented and structured discussions between game participants (experts), in one or more gaming groups, based on a scenario and under the guidance of a facilitator. Other common reasons for gaming are for pleasure or for supporting exercises and training.

FOI supports the Swedish Armed Forces gaming activities in the areas of short to long term defence planning (20-30 years), development of military units and systems, tactics and techniques development, review and changes to processes and procedures within the armed forces peace time organisation.


Last updated: 2019-06-20