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Studies on Peace Support Operations

FOI has unique and in depth knowledge within the area of Peace Support Operations. While originally conducting research primarily for the Swedish Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence, FOI has both civilian and military clients today. Much of the research is conducted to strengthen and develop Swedish contributions to Peace Support Operations.

Female soldier in sunglasses in front of an afghan boy on a red motorcycle.

Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

Peace Support Operations is one of the tasks assigned to the Swedish Armed Forces. The international environment poses specific demands on the military capabilities. The narrative of Peace Support Operations has widened since security was found to be linked to development. As a result civil-military coordination has become more important in Peace Support Operations. FOI has both military and civilian expertise which provides favourable research conditions.

FOI conducts research in many different areas and disciplines connected to Peace Support Operations. Areas of interest, among others, are:

  • International and multifunctional Peace Support Operations
  • Civil-military coordination
  • The role of international and regional actors
  • Concept development.

The unit provides research as well as direct analytical support. The researchers and analysts also follow-up and evaluate Peace Support Operations with Swedish contributions, e.g. in Afghanistan, Somalia and the Balkans.

Our clients include the Government Offices of Sweden, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. FOI also cooperates with both national and international partners.

A large number of researchers and analysts work within the projects, with a wide arrange of expertise in the field of peace promotion efforts.

Helene Lackenbauer, Project Manager
Helené Lackenbauer focuses on security politics, multifunctional efforts, civil-military cooperation and humanitarian issues. She is especially interested in gender and security, sociological aspects of security and protection of civilians in armed conflict. At the moment, she works with issues related to the reconciliation process in Afghanistan and gender in military operations. Helené Lackenbauer has for more than a decade served with humanitarian organizations and military operations in armed conflicts and humanitarian disasters, e.g. as a political advisor in Afghanistan and a policy advisor with the Red Cross Movement. She holds a Master in Study of Religion from the University of Lund and a post-graduate certificate in gender from the USA.

Pär Eriksson, Deputy Research Director
Pär Eriksson is Project Manager for the FOI support to the Swedish Armed Forces regarding the analysis of lessons learned. He also focuses on military Peace Support Operations, civil-military coordination, intelligence in Peace Support Operations and the planning of Peace Support Operations.

Jan Frelin, Senior Analyst
Jan Frelin is an operational analyst, and primarily focuses on supporting military decision-makers, mainly concerning military Peace Support Operations. He has evaluated the Swedish contribution to ISAF, and given analytical support to the Nordic battle group. Jan Frelin is currently the Project Manager for development of methods for the evaluation of Peace Support Operations and works on a coming handbook on lessons learned for the Swedish Armed Forces.

Karolina Gasinska,  Analyst
Karolina is a political scientist working with risk assessments, project evaluations, gender issues and the interaction between security policies and information society. Karolina Gasinska has a Master’s degree in Politics and International Studies from Uppsala University. She has also studied at Institut d'études politiques de Paris and Fudan University in Shanghai.

Jenny Marklund, Analyst
Jenny Markund works as an operational analyst with the Swedish Armed Forces, focusing on lessons learned from Peace Support Operations. She gives methodological support but also conducts lessons learned studies. Jenny Marklund was previously the Project Manager of a project focusing on command and control in Peace Support Operations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitional Science.

Johan Norberg, Senior Researcher
Johan Norberg works with analysis of Peace Support Operations of the Swedish Armed Forces and with African security. At FOI, Johan Norberg also follows developments in the Russian Armed Forces. He has previously worked at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and in the Swedish Parliament as well as served in Peace Support Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia and the Middle East.

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FOI – Research for a safer and more secure world.

FOI’s core activities are research, methodology/technology development, analyses and studies.

FOI is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Defence.

FOI’s core activities are research, methodology/technology development, analyses and studies. FOI is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Defence.