FOI coordinates an EDF funded project that started December 1, 2023 as a result from an approved proposal for topic EDF-2022-LS-RA-CHALLENGE-DIGIT-HTDO: Unmanned ground and aerial systems for hidden threats detection – Organisation of a technological challenge.

Loggor för EDF-projektet

Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices and landmines is an important capability for the armed forces in order to protect the soldiers and increase their survivability. Next to the development of detection technologies, it is very important to be able to test the systems with scientific methodologies, using standardized and advanced evaluation methods, in order to achieve an objective assessment that will enable comparison of different sensor systems and understanding of their limitations and possibilities. The objective of HiTDOC is to organize a challenge, based on the design and development of test procedures and methodologies, that will allow evaluating the performances of detection technologies. During the iteration of four challenges, the testing procedures will be further updated, aiming at being able to propose, at the end of the project, recommendations on standardized test procedures to objectively evaluate system performances.

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