Swedish Defence Research Agency

The Tank Laboratory

Here FOI performs tests and calibration of hydrophones, sonar systems, electrical sensors and other underwater equipment.

Vattentankslaboratoriet på FOI

The tank laboratory consists of a 128 m3 tank of water and high quality instrumentation used for tests and calibration of underwater equipment, e.g. hydrophones, echo sounders and electrical sensors. Apart from acoustic and electromagnetic measurements, the tank is also used in the development of new equipment as well as functional tests of existing underwater systems.

The tank rests on rubber cushions to ensure a low noise level during calibration of acoustic transducers. On the short sides electrodes are mounted which can produce a homogeneous electric field along the tank. For example, this is used for calibration of electrode systems.

Next to the laboratory there are workshops for mechanics and electronics as well as separate spaces for mounting and assembly of equipment.

Some applications:

  • Hydrophone calibration
  • Calibration of electrical sensors
  • Calibration of directivity
  • Measurement of acoustic reflection and transmission
  • Target strength measurements
  • Identification of structural impact on sensors
  • Functional tests of sensor systems

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Last updated: 2021-06-04