Swedish Air Force Combat Simulation Centre, FLSC

The Swedish Air Force Combat Simulation Centre (Flygvapnets Luftstrids Simulerings Centrum, FLSC) is a world-leading simulation facility for manned air combat, many-to-many.


All Swedish Air Force fighter aircraft and air combat control units make regular use of the facility. The facility is also used for combined exercises with air force personnel from a number of other nations.


At the Air Combat Simulation Centre, FLSC, FOI and the Swedish Air Force have, since 1998, together run operational simulation training courses both for pilots and for fighter controllers and other staff personnel.


SBA, simulation based acquisition, is an important area of activity. It is a rational method for the development and assessment of the tactical capability of new aircraft systems which can be made available to users in a simulated environment at an early stage.


The simulation facility is the only one of its kind in Europe combining both manned simulators and computer generated forces. Powerful visual tools contribute to the visualisation of skills and results. We can also offer large scale simulations involving linking the facility with other similar installations around the world.


FLSC provides simulation support in the following areas:


  • Materiel acquisition (comparing alternatives, requirements and the like)
  • Operational requirements (decision support, new concepts, network-based defence) 
  • Tactics development (testing concepts associated with new technologies) 
  • Exercising and training 
  • Pre-deployment exercises



FLSC’s principal customers are the Swedish Armed Forces but the facility also has clients from other countries as well as international assignments. We customise training courses, exercises and studies to meet individual customers’ requirements.