Exercising and training

Current training philosophy is based largely on holistic learning. The object is to activate the participants in a simulation by allowing them to play an active part in the planning, conduct and analysis of runs carried out in which facility staff take part as instructors during the training weeks. The aim is that pilots and fighter controllers should find their own ways of handling the different sortie tasks that they are faced with during the training.

The training courses range from operational training in existing systems, or for new materiel before this becomes physically available, to advanced command and control training. This can consist, for example, of pre-deployment exercises that cover the entire chain from planning to execution of an international operation.


The facility also offers an environment in which to conduct complex scenario exercises in which many participants exercise together in decision-making roles, for example in pre-deployment exercises in preparation for participation in international operations.


A simulated exercise environment offers a cost-saving, efficient, operational meeting place for a range of different authorities and actors with a focus on creating a common problem-awareness in both civil and military applications in the field of crisis management.