Simulator facility

FOI offers a simulator environment that is matched to the operational requirement to conduct scenario simulations for training, exercising and development purposes. This is a unique tool in the form of a complex simulated environment which can be used for a broad spectrum of civil and military applications.

We combine manned simulation with computer generated actors on a number of levels ranging from an operational/tactical level to a technical/research level. Under the supervision of staff with operational experience we conduct training courses for personnel such as pilots and fighter controllers.

The facility consists of the following:

  • Simulator Hall (approx. 25 m x 15 m)
  • Associated operational spaces (control room, order rooms etc.)
  • 8 in no. aircraft cockpits in a network
  • 4 positions for fighter controllers.
  • MTS 890 (Mission Training System 890)
  • Overview presentation for analysis and demonstration
  • Computer generated (rule-governed) vehicles
  • Simulator control
  • 1 position for Forward Air Controller, FAC/JTAC


Eight pilots can, for example fly four against four, or six against two, in a scenario that includes a large number of other rule-governed simulated units such as other aircraft, air defence systems or ships. All pilot stations are based on general models which means that, apart from JAS 39 Gripen, it is possible to fly other aircraft types at the same time in the same scenario. The facility is also capable of so-called distributed simulation in which the facility is networked with others via a secure computer link.