The following experts, with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, are involved in "Sustainable security".

Ulf Qvarfort, Deputy Research Director, PhD
Ulf is an associate professor in environmental geology and on research and commissions related to defence specific contaminants.


Jan Sjöström Programme Manager, Deputy Research Director, PhD
During the last fifteen years Jan has been involved in several environmental risk assessments projects focusing on either polluted military areas, or civilian areas polluted by defence specific contaminants in Sweden, the Baltic States, Norway and Russia.


Ann Göransson Nyberg, Programme Manager, Deputy Research Director, PhD
Ann is an associate professor at the University of Uppsala and subject matter expert in the field of disaster medicine and disaster toxicology. She has also held a position at the EU CBRNE Centre, Umeå University


Birgitta Liljedahl Programme Manager, Senior Analyst, MSc
Birgitta has a background within the mining industry and research involve environmental impact of accidents, conflicts and disasters. She manages FGOI support to the Swedish Armed Forces Medical intelligence network and environmental health collaboration with UN peacekeeping.


Louise Simonsson Programme Manager, Researcher, PhD


Annica Waleij Programme Manager, Senior Analyst, MSC, BSc
Annica’s research involve the nexus between environment, security and development as well as environment and health risks in international operations. She works closely with UN, EU and NATO.