Measurement of radioactive substances

FOI possesses competence in the measurement, identification and analysis of radioactive and nuclear substances. We develop and adapt methods to ensure that they match the needs of the Swedish Armed Forces and other authorities.

This area covers various aspects of methods for the measurement of radioactive and nuclear materials, for example:


  • method development and validation
  • fundamental aspects of measurement-related processes
  • various measurement methods for a-, b-, g-emitting radioactive substances  
  • sampling, sample processing and the chemical separation of radionuclides
  • interpretation of measurement results in a forensic perspective


FOI has an analytical laboratory for radioactive and nuclear substances which is a unique national resource contracted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority as part of the national emergency preparedness system. The agency’s competence in this field is an essential prerequisite for the development and maintenance of the Swedish Armed Forces’ field laboratory. The laboratory also participates in the NATO Working Group SIBCRA (Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents) and is also open to other counties which are members of the Partnership for Peace. In addition FOI has an agreement with the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science, SKL, and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, regarding forensic CBRN analysis of which “Radioactive substances” form a part.


The principal assigning authorities in this area are the Ministry of Defence, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.