Gaming for conflict management and war

Military gaming is used today in support of planning, training, exercising and studies. The gaming is conducted either as structured discussions with the participation of experts or as computer simulations, or possibly as a combination of these two in which computer-based models or other data sources are used in support of the experts’ assessments.

Since 2010 FOI has been taking part in the War Game research project, initiated by the Swedish Armed Forces and located at the National Defence College, the purpose of the project being to research the field of war gaming and its possible usefulness in the context of officer training.


In 2011 this work was carried over into a new project, Gaming for Conflict Management and War. As a follow-on, using the data gained from the War Game research project, gaming as a method to use in support of courses of study has been the subject of part of this year’s activities


The purpose has been to contribute to an increased capability at FOI to support courses of study in the Armed Forces by accumulating and passing on sound advice and experience concerning gaming as a method to the younger generation of operational analysts.