Real time simulation as support for effect-based planning

FOI develops and evaluates modelling- and simulation-based decision support for the various planning processes that make up the planning part of an effect-based approach to operations. The focus is on the testing of operational plans and studying how modelling and simulation can be used in decision support tools to support the planning. 



This makes it possible to examine a plan before it is carried out and to enable dynamic replanning to take place if necessary, taking into account all the information available regarding the status of the operation.


The activity covers three complementary areas :


1) Most important is the main task of developing a simulation-based means of decision support as a support for planning and dynamic replanning within the framework of effect-based planning (EBP). Questions to be researched are how to decide the requirements that need to be specified for decision support tools if they are to be meaningful, and how the results should be visualised.


2) A new activity centred on Data Farming involving the study of Data Farming methodology and how this can be adapted for the simulation of operational plans.


3) Development of the operational analysis tool Collaborative Synchronization Management Tool (CSMT) which enables the morphological and statistical analysis of plans to be carried out. The CSMT research work was completed during 2011.