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About ASEK

ASEK is the Swedish acronym for the FOI research programme concerned with Atlantic security and European crisis management. The programme, which has been running for some years, supports the Swedish Ministry of Defence in analyzing questions that affect the defence and security policy of the EU, NATO and the United States.

Sweden’s defence and security policy has become increasingly international in nature. Sweden is participating in peace support operations with NATO in Afghanistan and Kosovo and has also been very active within the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy. The EU, NATO and the United States are likely to be some of the most influential arenas and actors for Swedish defence and security policy for the foreseeable future.

The research programme is funded by the Ministry of Defence for the purpose of providing applied research relating to problems of the day. The aim is that ASEK should be Sweden’s leading actor in policy-related studies in the field of security policy focusing on the EU, NATO and the United States.


The programme also works with other FOI research projects in the field of security policy concerned, for example, with Asian security, Africa studies and Russian foreign, defence and security policy. The programme also carries out cross-disciplinary studies in which Euro-Atlantic security policy is linked with strategic weapons, primarily nuclear weapons, and missile defence.