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The following experts are active participants in the programme concerned with Atlantic security and European crisis management:

Eva Hagström Frisell, MA in social sciences from Uppsala University, Programme Manager for ASEK.
Eva is a Senior Analyst and expert on the EU and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).
Topics: EU, CSDP, international operations, crisis management, Horn of Africa, UN-EU-AU coordination, EU-Russia relations.


Anna Sundberg, Deputy Programme Manager for ASEK.
Anna is a Senior Researcher focusing on the EU and the Common Security and Defence Policy. In recent years she has been studying the foreign and security policy of different Member States in the EU.
Topics: EU, CSDP, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain.


Anna Forsström, MA in political science from Uppsala University.
Anna is an Analyst whose main areas of expertise are the EU:s policy within the field of security and defence, civil protection and comprehensive approach.
Key words: EU, CSDP, effects of the Lisbon Treaty on CSDP, civil protection, comprehensive approach, Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom.


Madelene Lindström, MA in political science from Uppsala University.
Madelene works as an Analyst with a particular focus on the EU Common Security and Defence Policy. Madelene is also working with Nordic defence and security issues.
Topics: EU, CSDP, NATO, Germany, Denmark, Libya/OUP, Sweden’s Presidency of the EU, the EU's crisis management cooperation (critical infrastructure protection, consular emergency management cooperation).


Fredrik Lindvall, M. Phil. from Uppsala University.
Fredrik is Deputy Research Director and Project Manager at FOI. He also holds a reserve commission as a Major in the Swedish Air Force.
Topics: NATO, United States Defence Policy, Air Operations, Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control, Military Strategy, Intelligence Analysis, Homeland Security, Strategic Decision-Making and Foresight.


Tomas Malmlöf
Tomas is a political scientist and expert on Nordic and Baltic defence policy. Tomas has also worked on social planning questions from a broad perspective and has served as local manager of Sweden’s commercial office in Murmansk.


Johan Nordberg
Johan is currently doing an internship in the ASEK programme as a part of his master’s degree in political science at Uppsala University. Within the programme he is mostly working on questions concerning the Common Security and Defence Policy.


Fredrik Westerlund, BA in legal studies and political science from Uppsala University.
Fredrik is a Senior Researcher whose work is focused on Russia and security policy as well as on intelligence questions. Within the programme his area of study covers nuclear weapons and arms control.


Mike Winnerstig, PhD in political science from Stockholm University.
Mike has for many years been studying United States foreign and defence policy, NATO and the EU’s military crisis management capability. He is also working on questions of Nordic security and defence.


Kristina Zetterlund, Master of International Affairs from Columbia University.
Kristina is a Senior Analyst who broadly studies international security policy and crisis management. Within the programme she has worked on issues connected to NATO, the US and the EU.
Topics: NATO, EU, US, international operations.


Teresa Åhman, MA in political science from Uppsala University and Södertörn University.
Teresa is an Analyst focusing on the field of European security and crisis management as well as peace support operations.
Topics: EU, Treaty of Lisbon, bilateral and regional defense cooperation in Europe, Operation Atalanta, EU crisis response, and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s international missions.