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Gender, Peace and Security

The FOI Gender, Peace and Security Platform conducts research in a number of different areas and disciplines connected to Peace Support Operations. FOI has both military and civilian expertise which provides favourable research conditions.

Gender roles are influenced by numerous factors in addition to culture, such as ethnicity, class, age and sexual orientation. Awareness about these factors increases the opportunity to protect the safety of the society both in times of peace and war. The gender peace and security platform is a FOI initiative created to meet the increasing need for knowledge of and support on gender integration. The primary focus areas are the security sector and crises management.


Our projects are assignment-based and we undertake studies, analysis, and development of methods and concepts on a number of thematic issues and geographical areas.


FOI offers:


  • Evaluation of the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and other gender polices in peace support operations.
  • Gender-sensitive conflict analyses with main focus on countries and regions with political instability.
  • Method and decision support through studies and analyses in planning, realisation, follow-up, and evaluation of peace support operations.


Our clients include the Government Offices of Sweden, the Swedish Armed Forces and international organisations.