Foto: Louise Levin/Försvarsmakten

Exercise Baana 2015 in Finland. For the first time, the Swedish Jas 39 Gripen lands on a Finnish road base, within the Nordic cooperation and the CBT concept. Two Jack 39 and two F-18 Hornet started from the roadbase and then completed a planned CBT pass. Photo: Louise Levin/Swedish Armed Forces.

About NOTS

Northern European and Transatlantic Security (NOTS) is a multi-annual project at FOI, which continuously follows the security and defence policy developments in the relevant countries and organisations. The main interest in our studies is the operational aspects of the security and defence policies, resources, military capabilities, operations, exercises and preparedness of the Western countries. The project also provides aggregate analyses of the military strategic development in northern Europe and of current events that affect the military conditions in the area.


NOTS was created in 2015 on the basis of two previous projects focusing on security in Sweden’s neighbourhood (SIN) and Atlantic security and European crisis management (ASEK).