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Transatlantic security/NATO

As a central security organisation in Europe, NATO is a fundamental part of transatlantic relations and the organisation is studied from a number of perspectives. The role, function and capability of the NATO-alliance is continuously analysed and is often a central aspect of our reports. When called for, studies are made of specific issues which NATO manages or are involved in, such as relations with Russia, nuclear issues or NATO-EU relations.


The relations of individual member states to NATO are also analysed and mostly the focus is on the larger members such as the US, France, the UK and Germany. The aim is to be a leading research environment on NATO in Sweden. Sweden's relations with the organisation is primarily studied from the viewpoint of partnership issues and bilateral agreements.


Within the broader context of transatlantic security, the project also studies other issues. Important among these are the negotiations about a US-EU free trade agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Apart from security related trade matters, the project also analyses energy security. For example the transatlantic security implications of a possible future US energy independence and American energy exports to Europe.