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U.S. Defence and Security Policy

NOTS studies the development of American national security and foreign policy in order to enhance our understanding of the U.S. as the world's most important international actor. American policies influences what happens in Sweden's neighbourhood as well as in other regions of vital importance to international security, such as the Middle East. The US is also a global leader in developments of military technology and operations.


The analyses of the country's national interests and strategies in regard to specific issues, like energy security, or regions, such as Europe, increases our understanding of American policy and priorities. Such studies are vital to our understanding of how the US manages its alliances and how U.S. relations globally, including Trans-Atlantic relations and Sweden's neighbourhood.


By studying American defence policy and the U.S. military capability we increase our knowledge of the developments in the broader military field. In addition, we improve our knowledge of the future of military operations and nuclear weapons, as well as related issues such as missile defence.


NOTS focus is the following:

  • American security policy – foreign and defence politics and related areas, such as energy security and economic policy, such as trade policy
  • American domestic politics – and how it influences American foreign policy, including defence economics
  • The American armed forces – American defence capability
  • The US and specific regions – primarily transatlantic relations, including NATO and the EU, the European great powers and Sweden's neighbourhood.