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Markus Derblom, Head of Department Peace Support Operation
Markus Derblom is the Department Head for Peace Support Operations. His previous assignments include project management, advisory roles and studies around fields such as military doctrine, civil-military relations, strategic and operational level command, evaluation of peace operations, and African security. Markus Derblom has a background in Political Science from Uppsala University, with a Master’s degree in Political Psychology and International Politics.


Camilla Elowson, Analyst
Camilla is mainly active within FOI's Africa team. Her research interest is peace building, reconciliation processes and security analysis. Camilla Elowson has previously worked for different organisations in West Africa and in Southern Africa. She has a Master's Degree in Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University and Université de Montpellier (France).


Mikael Eriksson, PhD., Researcher
Mikael Eriksson obtained his PhD in Political Science as the European University Institute, Italy. His field of interest includes conflict resolution, critical security studies and peace building. His field of speciality is the use of EU and UN targeted sanctions. Recently he published on mediation processes and their impact on post-war reconstruction. His geographical scope interest includes the Arab world and security policies on the African continent. He has several years of experience on policy evaluation. At FOI he is the Project Manager of the FOI sanctions platform. He is mainly active in the Africa and Asia research team.


Pär Eriksson, Deputy Research Director
Pär Eriksson is Project Manager for the FOI support to the Swedish Armed Forces regarding the analysis of lessons learned. He also focuses on military Peace Support Operations, civil-military coordination, intelligence in Peace Support Operations and the planning of Peace Support Operations.


Jan Frelin, Senior Analyst
Jan Frelin is an operational analyst, and primarily focuses on supporting military decision-makers, mainly concerning military Peace Support Operations. He has evaluated the Swedish contribution to ISAF, and given analytical support to the Nordic battle group. Jan Frelin is currently the Project Manager for development of methods for the evaluation of Peace Support Operations and works on a coming handbook on lessons learned for the Swedish Armed Forces.


Karolina Gasinska, Analyst
Karolina is a political scientist working with risk assessments, project evaluations, gender issues and the interaction between security policies and information society. Karolina Gasinska has a Master’s degree in Politics and International Studies from Uppsala University. She has also studied at Institut d'études politiques de Paris and Fudan University in Shanghai.


David Harriman, Analyst
David Harriman is primarily focusing on Comprehensive Approach, civil-military relations and evaluations of operations (M&E). He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Lund University. David Harriman also has field experience from international crisis management work.


Helené Lackenbauer, Researcher
HelenéLackenbauer focuses on security politics, multifunctional efforts, civil-military cooperation and humanitarian issues. She is especially interested in gender and security, sociological aspects of security and protection of civilians in armed conflict. At the moment, she works with issues related to the reconciliation process in Afghanistan and gender in military operations. Helené Lackenbauer has for more than a decade served with humanitarian organizations and military operations in armed conflicts and humanitarian disasters, e.g. as a political advisor in Afghanistan and a policy advisor with the Red Cross Movement. She holds a Master in Study of Religion from the University of Lund and a post-graduate certificate in gender from the USA.


Maria Lagerström, Analyst
Maria Lagerström mainly works with co-operation in crisis management. She has previously worked in projects focusing on co-operation in peace operations, mainly Afghanistan and Kosovo. Maria Lagerström holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Umeå university and Universität Potsdam.


Carina Lamont, Analyst
Carina Lamont has previously worked as a Police Officer and has worked in several Peace Support Operations. She has a Master’s degree in Public International Law and is mainly focusing on issues concerning the use of force, the role of the police in Peace Support Operations and the protection of civilians.


Magdalena Tham Lindell, Analyst
Magdalena Tham Lindell is Team Leader for FOI Studies in African Security. She focuses on peace building, especially security sector reform and civil and military Peace Support Operations. Previously, Magdalena Tham Lindell has worked with support to democratic police reform. She has a Master’s degree in Political Science and Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University and Institut d'études politiques de Paris.


Jenny Marklund, Analyst
Jenny Markund works as an operational analyst with the Swedish Armed Forces, focusing on lessons learned from Peace Support Operations. She gives methodological support but also conducts lessons learned studies. Jenny Marklund was previously the Project Manager of a project focusing on command and control in Peace Support Operations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitional Science.


Claes Nilsson, Analyst
Claes Nilsson is specialized on Peace Support Operations. His research has involved different aspects of crisis management, ranging from humanitarian aid to civil-military cooperation and Security Sector Reform. Among other things, Claes Nilsson has studied the conflict in Afghanistan and the Swedish engagement in the country. He currently holds the position as Project manager for the FOI’s Peace Support Operations studies, with special attention to monitoring and evaluation of Peace Support Operations.


Johan Norberg, Senior Researcher
Johan Norberg works with analysis of Peace Support Operations of the Swedish Armed Forces and with African security. At FOI, Johan Norberg also follows developments in the Russian Armed Forces. He has previously worked at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and in the Swedish Parliament as well as served in Peace Support Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia and the Middle East.


Henric Roosberg, Research Assistant
Henric is an operational analyst with the Joint Forces Command’s Joint Lessons Cell. His main fields are civil-military cooperation, command & control and doctrinal development. Henric Roosberg holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Lund University.


Emma Skeppström, Analyst
Emma Skeppström is Project Manager of the Peace Operations Project. She works on evaluation of Peace Support Operations as well as issues concerning Security Sector Reform . She focuses on the Horn of Africa, especially Sudan/ South Sudan and Somalia. Emma Skeppström has previously worked as a consultant for the United Nations, evaluating the UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan, UNMIS. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Lund University.


Johan Tejpar, Analyst
Johan Tejpar works in the field of security and development focusing on international military and civilian peace operations as well as humanitarian operations, evaluations, gender (incl. UNSCR 1325) and conflict economies. Currently, he is seconded to the Ministry of Defence where he works with strategic issues. Johan Tejpar has experience from working with UN in DRC and New York and he holds degrees in Economics and Political Science from Lund University and McGill University in Montréal.


Anna Weibull, Analyst
Anna Weibull focuses on command and control, intelligence and civil-military relations. She has served in the military, both at the tactical and strategic level, nationally as well as internationally. Anna Weibull holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology. She is a career officer in the Swedish navy (Lieutenant-Commander).


Cecilia Hull Wiklund, Analyst
Cecilia Hull Wiklund mainly focuses on civil-military cooperation in Peace Support Operations. She also works with issues regarding African security, especially regional cooperation for peace and security. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict studies from the London Metropolitan University and a Master of International Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia.


Kristina Zetterlund, Senior Analyst
Kristina Zetterlund focuses on conflict and security policy analysis, including areas such as transatlantic and European security, security sector reform and developments in Afghanistan. She holds a Master of International Affairs (MIA) from Columbia University with International Security Policy as concentration, and a BSc (Econ) in International Relations from The London School of Economics and Political Science.