Laser systems

Laser systems research covers technology, phenomena and systems involving laser applications. Important military applications being studied include reconnaissance, target acquisition, target recognition, communication and electronic warfare. In the area of safety and security, studies also include the detection of hazardous substances.


Current projects include target recognition, optical reconnaissance including laser-based countermeasures and effects, laser protection, optical fibre hydrophones, detection of biological agents, mine detection and lidar for atmospheric and underwater applications.

New laser-based methods are being developed for the detection of biological agents and for three-dimensional imaging for above water and underwater applications. Laser technology is being developed and demonstrated for electro-optical countermeasures. For research in this area there is a sound laboratory, a 100 metre-long hall for optical measurements and a comprehensive range of instrumentation including lasers and laser systems as well as advanced cameras and measuring instruments.


Research is conducted internationally in collaboration with EDA, national research laboratories and various NATO Groups.