Radar technology

Research in this area is oriented towards technology and demonstrators for short and long range radar systems.

For many of our applications, the ability to “see through” is of key importance. This may mean ground penetration for the purpose of detecting leaking water pipes or unexploded ordnance (UXO), seeing through snow or avalanche debris to measure the depth of snow or to locate survivors, seeing through walls and doors to detect hidden persons, or seeing through clothing and packaging to detect concealed weapons or explosives. 

We also study energy-efficient, flexible and compact group antennas for reconnaissance and surveillance systems. Areas of application include, for example, radar sensors for UAVs.


The research activity covers:


  • Components, circuits and antenna integration, primarily for millimetric and THz frequencies
  • Transmitter and receiver modules
  • Architectures for group antennas
  • Technology demonstrators