Underwater technology


In the field of underwater research, FOI is working on the development of marine reconnaissance and surveillance systems that, among other things, can be used both for countering threats and the prevention of criminal activity. The scope of the research has now been widened from strictly military applications such as submarine hunting, port surveillance and protection against mines, to include a whole range of civil applications, for example oil prospecting, pipeline inspection or the investigation of the effects of noise in the underwater environment. By combining different research methods in the form of simulation and modelling, signal processing and analysis with experimental research, FOI has created a unique body of competence in such areas as the underwater environment, acoustics and electromagnetics. Because of Sweden’s position in the Baltic we have long experience of working in shallow water and the special conditions that exist there.


The research is funded largely through assignments received from the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, government ministries and Swedish industry, but work is also carried out for civil research bodies and a variety of overseas customers. A certain amount of the research work is conducted in the form of collaboration with universities, colleges and other research institutions both nationally and internationally.


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