Weapons and protection

The programme area Weapons and Protection is oriented towards the core competence of the Swedish Armed Forces – the capacity to engage in armed conflict – and more especially towards the constant duel between conventional weapons and protection against them. Work in this area also supports the civil community and its need for safety and security in the face of terrorism and large scale accidents. This activity has unique experimental resources to draw upon which make it possible to carry out anything from standard testing to detailed studies of the interaction between both current and future warheads and protection technologies.


FOI has long experience of studies and analyses of the effects of different types of weapons and the effectiveness of physical protection and other measures to reduce vulnerability. Via model development, and with the aid of computational and evaluation tools, the results are converted into technical data to support decision making with regard to the vulnerability of people, vehicles, buildings etc. and assessment of the potential of new weapons and protective techniques. A strong international network of contacts ensures that FOI can keep abreast of the latest technical possibilities and convert this information into useful knowledge both for the defence community and for the benefit of society as a whole.


Our principal customers are the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and the Swedish Fortifications Agency as well as the defence industry and other actors in the commercial sector.