Our Services

FOI’s main role is to pursue research and the development of methods and technologies plus investigative work for the Swedish Armed Forces. FOI is the largest combined defence and national security research organisation in Sweden. FOI’s know-how developing research is chiefly undertaken in closely connected research commissions from the Swedish Armed Forces and in certain grant funded projects from the Swedish Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs. The defence and security know-how that FOI has built up can also be applied on behalf of other clients. FOI works with authorities, companies and also with international clients, primarily in the defence sector.


FOI separates its operations into the development and application of know-how respectively. Our know-how developing operations are designed to develop knowledge in a long-term perspective and primarily involve projects within closely connected commissions from the Swedish Armed Forces and to a certain extent from Swedish Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding. These are vital in enabling FOI to support its clients with research based knowledge. Our second area, know-how application, enables FOI know-how to be applied in resolving various specific problems for our clients.


The Swedish Armed Forces fund research for their own needs. The knowledge that FOI has accumulated on behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces can often be applied on behalf of other clients. Defence accounted for 74% of our commissions by volume in 2016.