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The life cycle of a camp - complex issues approached holistically


Any sound mission, military as well as civilian, begins with a realistic and achievable exit strategy that is aligned with the expectation of the originator of the mission as well as the local population the mission is deployed to support. FOI provides expertise in conflict analysis and mission evaluations to facilitate successful mission outcomes.The life cycle of a camp involves a number of complex challenges that can hamper an effective camp utilization. Such challenges include information deficits, security constraints, geographical and logistical difficulties, force protection challenges, strained local environmental and natural resources conflict and socio-economic impact. To effectively deal with those challenges FOI take a holistic approach in a life cycle manner. One example is the Camp Authoring Tool (CAT), developed by FOI. 


Our information folder
FOI - an innovative partner in camp solutionsPDF (.pdf 10 Mb)


Camp Authoring tool (eng/swe)
A lifecycle approach on camps - Complex issues handled holisticallyPDF. Annica Waleij and Johan Hedström (eds.). FOI Memo 4935 (.pdf 1 Mb)

Ett livscykelperspektiv på camper - Komplexa frågor hanterade i ett helhetsperspektivPDF. Annica Waleij och Johan Hedström (red). FOI Memo 4934 (.pdf 1 Mb)


FOI annual report
Camps in FOI Annual Report 2012PDF (.pdf 2 Mb)