The Camp as a system of systems

A camp is, just like a city or a town, very much a complex system of several supporting functions and components. These are all interconnected and dependent on each other and with the environment in which it is situated. When a change is made to a camp and its supporting infrastructure during any phase of its lifecycle, it is essential to have an understanding of how these processes are linked in order to ensure a net benefit. Only considering the effect on individual components of the system (i.e. in the camp and its supporting infrastructure) without taking a full system and lifecycle approach into consideration might result in unwanted feedback effects on other system components. A holistic approach minimizes risks and maximizes positive synergies.


Begin with the end in mind
Any sound mission, military as well as civilian, begins with a realistic and achievable exit strategy that is aligned with the expectation of the originator of the mission as well as the local population the mission is deployed to support. FOI provides expertise in conflict analysis and mission evaluations to facilitate successful mission outcomes.


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